Tsaritsyno Museum
Moscow, Russia
"Times of Russian insomnia. Part One."

On June 12th 2011 the exhibition "Russian times insomnia" opened at Tsaritsyno Museum in Moscow, where artists, sculptors, photographers presented their works in four rooms arranged by WINKELS CONCEPTS. The exhibition convinced by a very consistent approach to the visitor through an impressive ambience of light, shadows and noise leads which underscored the themes of the individual stages and the appropriate Vibe. The light combines the sound and the art to a highly atmospheric picture. The four exhibition spaces occupy with various forms of insomnia and its causes. Here, the story revolves around a "hero" and an artists Difficulties of his life, his inspiration and the feelings which are discussed in these 4 rooms.

TV report in the news program at "TV-Center" on 28/08/2011