Lighting concept "Lange Straße",
Castrop Rauxel

As part of the EU project „Social City Habinghorst“ Winkels-Concepts prepared alighting concept for „Lange Straße (Long Street)”. With intensive involvement of the local residents, in workshops and lectures, a lighting system was developed for road space, which with the current standards also creates an atmosphere and identity, and contributes to an improved sense of security. The street is decorated with lights and a hierarchy, with a day image and a night image, in which qualities and structures are readable in the light. Close to buildings erected module lights and traversing lights will be placed at crossroads, which leaves plenty room for many activities on the street. Due the different distances between lights a distinctively remarkable lighting image is developed. For special elements spotlights modules are used. Designed facades and facade assembles which shape the image of the street are moved to the centre of view through light.