Light Master Plan Dresden

For the City of Dresden, WINKELS CONCEPTS produced a Light Master Plan for the historical city centre with the world renown buildings such as “Zwinger”, Semper Opera, “Schloss” and the “Frauenkirche” Cathedral. In this most complex city area, which in parts is contained in the UNESCO world cultural inheritance, reference criteria were developed for the Light Master Plan. Taken into account during this process were municipal spaces, open areas and streets with their buildings, singularly and as an ensemble together with their entire silhouette. Following detail analysis of the municipal areas and their existing lighting, recommended actions with criteria for lighting profiles within selected areas were made. The lighting effects were individually evaluated by computer simulations and light measurements on models. WINKELS CONCEPTS produced a plan concept that harmonised different lighting systems and defined anew principles for the use of light within the City. The goals set down in the Master Plan are to be successively incorporated into the lighting works for streets, open areas and municipal buildings.