Illumination at the
State Garden Show Leverkusen

WINKELS CONCEPTS planned and carried out in a multi-disciplinary planning process for a lighting concept for continual operation for the 50ha large State Garden Show 2005. The planning had to meet the special technical, ecological and design requirements.
Nach der erfolgreichen The uniform lighting for the main footpaths and cycle tracks, lighting for bridges and the demarcation of danger zones such as ramps, intersections, steps and stairs were the main features of the programme. Mast and bollard lighting at regular intervals that followed the curvilinear routing of the pathways, reflected the movement in the garden landscape.
Nach der erfolgreichen Characteristic elements of the landscape planning were outlined by the linear illumination of the terraced steps in LED technology and the lighting for various tree groupings and creeper elements in the terrain. Object to be seen in the distance were illuminated by WINKELS CONCEPTS in blue and green tones whereas areas in the immediate vicinity were lit with warm mediterranean yellow, orange and red tones.
Nach der erfolgreichen After the close of the State Garden Show having had a record number of visitors, even during the evening events, the park has become a favourite public green area with a variety of events.