Northern Lights Dortmund

The high density of well maintained buildings from various eras – especially from the Art Nouveau period – is to be improved and accentuated through the URBAN II development project and the renewal programme for the Dortmund City North.
An overall concept for the development of the framework programme was drawn up by WINKELS CONCEPTS by means of which a high degree of illuminated buildings along major thoroughfares, within main municipal open spaces and in closed interlinked groups could be achieved.
The buildings were improved and made noticeable by artistic designed façade illumination chosen by WINKELS CONCEPTS together with the buildings’ owners.
Façade elements and important space delineations were especially accentuated by appropriate illumination. This together with special emphasis on lighting for house entrances has led to a subjective an objective increase in safety and to further improvement in the properties.
An active interest has been awaken by home and property owners by events and presentations in the local and national press. Thus WINKELS CONCEPTS have generated a innovative programme towards enduring inner city development.