Urban development

Konrad Adenauer Street Wesseling

The L 300 and the track of the Rhine embankment railway together present a marked division of the city precincts and separate the city centre into North-East and South-West segments. A primary objective of the planning was to integrate a 1.4km long section North of the main street. Die Konrad Adenauer Street was to remain a major thoroughfare and State highway ( L 300 ), but should change ist form to be incorporated within the city expanse. Important aims were the design of the railway concourse, a better traffic interlinking of bus and raily systems as well as attractive street crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.

Field of activity:

  • Analysis of traffic densities
  • Capacity of intersections
  • Design of bus interlink points
  • Design crossing for the tram system
  • Elevated car park access development