Urban development

New Configuration of City Centre
Mülheim an der Ruhr

Within the specification of an architecture competition, an integrated town planning framework concept was to be developed for the City of Mülheim an der Ruhr. WINKELS CONCEPTS had presented a plan for over 50 coordinated individual projects that eventually won the competition.
Important anchor projects of the concept were tower constructions that played on the theme of the use of regenerative energy, moveable roof constuctions in the area of the central station and a concert and event arena for the Ruhr area.
WINKELS CONCEPTS carried out comprehensive planning for town planning analysis, traffic engineering, development of concepts for games and lighting, the new configuration of streets and open spaces, building and civil engineering works down to the design and development of municipal furniture, fittings and equipment. These works in the central areas have already been carried out in the first implementation phase, whilst the remainder are planned and due to carried out in the near future. The traffic flows in the city centre were altered to allow the City to have access to the Ruhr. „Schlossstrasse“ was transformed into a modern shopping street.
Many of the municipal furniture articles developed for the City of Mühlheim on the Ruhr have been awarded design prizes and have been incorporated into the manufacturer’s standard programme.