Urban development

Marktsraße roofing,
“Neue Welle” in Oberhausen

In the course of rearranging the Oberhausen city centres, the Marktstraße in Alt-Oberhausen was redesigned as appealing living and shopping street by WINKELS CONCEPTS and its purpose in urban space was re-established.
The concept creates a unique image for the Marktstraße called “Neue Welle Oberhausen” because of the artistic and constructive form of the roofing above the main section of the road. As a trademark the “Neue Welle” creates a new identity for the district “Alt- Oberhausen”.
The roof, made of steel and glass, was built freely on the road without using the adjoining buildings for constructional purposes. The piers were set at the cross points between the Marktstraße and the intersecting streets. The girders swing from intersection to intersection and create a wave structure, with similar wave throughs and dissimilar wave peaks, which is 475 meters in length.