Urban development

New Design for the City Centre of Alt-Oberhausen

WINKELS CONCEPTS planned an enduring, structural and designed improvement to the city centre of “Old” Oberhausen for the City of Oberhausen. Following on from a successful town planning concept developed for an architecture competition, the inner city was restructured to become an attractive location for shopping, living and to linger.
WINKELS CONCEPTS carried out a multidisciplinary planning programme for traffic engineering, zone and concept planning through to games, light, water, advertising, draft and detail planning, award and construction supervision of building and civil engineering works down to the design and development of municipal furniture, fittings and equipment.
A major feature was the central area around the approx. 1.5km long Market Street with its side streets and adjoining Market Square. This area was restructured and developed into an attractive city centre. Many of the municipal furniture articles have been awarded design prizes and have been incorporated into the manufacturer’s standard programme.
Within the reintroduction of the tram car system in Oberhausen, WINKELS CONCEPTS designed at a central location the Market Street tram stop. With its filigree steel and glass construction and its moveable roofs, it has become one of the landmarks for the city centre Oberhausen.