Urban development

Traffic Investigations CentrO

The “CentrO” is the largest covered shopping mall in Germany and with over 23 million visitors one of the most successful. WINKELS CONCEPTS carried out the basis traffic prognosis for „CentrO“ as long ago as 1991. The forecast figures for private vehicles and an increased use of public transport have already been reached. A new investigation is to address the optimisation of the traffic systems.

Fields of activity:

  • Traffic management framework : Prognosis for an extension of „CentrO“ and the proposed neighbouring mall „O.VISION“
  • Analysis for weak points and evaluation of existing situation
  • Traffic flow concepts and forecasts of their effects
  • Development of a one-way traffic concept with the necessary constructional entities
  • Capacity investigations
  • Road and intersection preliminary design
  • Concepts for a Sky-Walk and Shuttle Systems
  • Concept for road and path signs
  • Traffic guidance system
  • Optimisation of entry and exit configuration for car parks