Object Planning

Exhibition Hess -
Office and Exhibition Building

WINKELS CONCEPTS designed and office and exhibition building in a disused truck garage. As part of the “Exhibition Hess”, the visitor is presented with the programme of approx. 200 internal lights. The space can also be used for events and receptions.
The restrained form of the surfaces of walls, floors and ceilings with high quality materials in their natural representations forms the backdrop for the lights to be exhibited.
The products can be presented in various lighting combinations, which are switched from a central control desk. Movable drawer-cabinets, equipped with the latest light technology, and specially developed ceiling, wall and floor fixtures ensure the maximum flexibility in the exhibition area. This allows a client specific presentation of form, technology, design as well as erection guidelines for installation and maintenance. In a light laboratory, the visitor can be shown the difference in perception of the differing light types as well as light colours. The exhibition area was conceived in modular units facilitating the incorporation of future production developments.
Directly adjoining the exhibition area, WINKELS CONCEPTS has designed modern sales and marketing offices. Customer oriented work areas have been created with modern office and communication equipment in bright rooms with large windows.